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In fact, the province’s resources account for the third-largest reserves of crude in the world and the largest deposits of oil sands globally.As such, international companies are investing billions of dollars into this sector and Calgary houses the headquarters of major Canadian and global energy companies.“I heard that in some Canadian cities, like Calgary and Edmonton, it gets cold, below freezing.

Industries/jobs: These vary from finance and tourism to trade, transport, education, manufacturing and more.

With 10 provinces, three territories and hundreds of cities occupying nearly 10 million square kilometres, choosing where to settle in Canada can be a challenge.

For some immigrants, the decision is made easier by relatives who already reside in the country.

“My sister lives in Toronto so when I moved it was natural for me to want to be close to her,” says Lorriannys Ramirez, originally from Venezuela.

“It would have been hard to live all the way on the other side of the country, knowing no one; here it felt a little bit more like home.” Other newcomers base their choice on climate.


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